Help, Lord, the souls that Thou hast made, the souls to Thee so dear, in prison for the debt unpaid of sin committed here. These holy souls, they suffer on, resigned in heart and will, until Thy high behest is done, and justice has it’s fill.


The Words of Jesus of Nazareth by Lee Cantelon

Health and Healing for Body and Soul     


Those that are healthy do not need a doctor; but those that are ill are in need of one.


You should understand this: I desire mercy, not sacrifice. For I have not come to call the righteous but the lost to repentance. Shouldn’t the sick in body, who the devil has bound, be set free?


Is it easier to say "Your sins are forgiven," or "Rise and be healed"?


That you might know beyond the shadow of a doubt that the Son of Man has power on earth to forgive all wrongs, I announce to the sick: "Rise Up! Be of good cheer; your wrongs are forgiven. Go your way! As you have believed, so shall you receive. Your faith has made you well!"


While counting his flock of one hundred sheep, a shepherd discovered one missing. Immediately, he left the ninety-nine in the safety of the fold, and went in search of the one that was lost. And when the lost sheep was found, he carried it home in his arms, his heart filled with gladness. On the way, he called out to his friends and anyone who would listen, “Rejoice with me! This, my lost sheep, has been found.”


I tell you this truth: there is more rejoicing in heaven over one who repents, than over ninety-nine who need no repentance.


Who among you, having ten pieces of silver and losing one piece, would not light a candle, and carefully sweep the house, searching diligently until it is found?


When the coin is found at last, do you not call your friends and neighbors, saying: “Good news! I found the money that was lost.”


Likewise, I tell you, there is great joy in the presence of the Father and all of the angels, when one turns from their path of wrongdoing.


Lord God, Abba Father, humbly I carry on, thankfully I ask and pray that You use me to touch someone today, for when I stumble I know that my faith must be worked out in forgiveness and service to Thee Lord God. Help me to see Your chosen path, give me a discerning ear for Your will. Some many with plenty are lacking, while so few lacking have plenty in Jesus. Have mercy on us all, for the sake of His sorrowful passion. Give us the certainty of conscious to feel Your forgiveness as we stumble, rising quickly because we feel Your will and need to act! Leaving behind us the weakness of the flesh for the strengthen of the spirit where we are one in the Spirit through Jesus with You. In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, Amen.


Help, Lord, the souls that Thou hast made, the souls to Thee so dear, in prison for the debt unpaid of sin committed here. These holy souls, they suffer on, resigned in heart and will, until Thy high behest is done, and justice has it’s fill.

— St. John Henry Newman


Hebrews 7:258:6

25  Consequently he is able for all time to save those who draw near to God through him, since he always lives to make intercession for them.  26  For it was fitting that we should have such a high priest, holy, blameless, unstained, separated from sinners, exalted above the heavens.  27  He has no need, like those high priests, to offer sacrifices daily, first for his own sins and then for those of the people; he did this once for all when he offered up himself.  28  Indeed, the law appoints men in their weakness as high priests, but the word of the oath, which came later than the law, appoints a Son who has been made perfect for ever.  1  Now the point in what we are saying is this: we have such a high priest, one who is seated at the right hand of the throne of the Majesty in heaven,  2  a minister in the sanctuary and the true tent which is set up not by man but by the Lord.  3  For every high priest is appointed to offer gifts and sacrifices; hence it is necessary for this priest also to have something to offer. 4  Now if he were on earth, he would not be a priest at all, since there are priests who offer gifts according to the law.  5  They serve a copy and shadow of the heavenly sanctuary; for when Moses was about to erect the tent, he was instructed by God, saying, "See that you make everything according to the pattern which was shown you on the mountain."  6  But as it is, Christ has obtained a ministry which is as much more excellent than the old as the covenant he mediates is better, since it is enacted on better promises.
Psalm 40:7-10, 17

17  As for me, I am poor and needy; but the Lord takes thought for me. Thou art my help and my deliverer; do not tarry, O my God! 
Mark 3:7-12

7  Jesus withdrew with his disciples to the sea, and a great multitude from Galilee followed; also from Judea  8  and Jerusalem and Idume’a and from beyond the Jordan and from about Tyre and Sidon a great multitude, hearing all that he did, came to him.  9  And he told his disciples to have a boat ready for him because of the crowd, lest they should crush him;  10  for he had healed many, so that all who had diseases pressed upon him to touch him.  11  And whenever the unclean spirits beheld him, they fell down before him and cried out, "You are the Son of God."  12  And he strictly ordered them not to make him known.


Audio books I am listening to and other books or readings I am reading:

When Heaven Invades Earth Unabridged By Bill Johnson Narrated by Tim Lundeen – When Heaven Invades Earth is a powerful statement and testimony on the Kingdom of God. Theologically sound, well supported, and extremely well argued, this message provides a carefully constructed biblical foundation for the average Christian to live and walk in the miraculous power of God. Not only is the supernatural possible, it is our commission. The Great Commission that Christ gave the Church challenges us and makes us responsible to rise up to this supreme supernatural calling. Johnson explains how we are called to dominion in the earth through the divine rule of God.

Soul Communication: Opening Your Spiritual Channels for Success and Fulfillment Unabridged By Zhi Gang Sha Narrated by Marilyn Smith Do you want to communicate with your own soul? Do you want to communicate with your spiritual guides and angels? Do you want to communicate directly with the Divine? You can! In Soul Communication, Dr. Zhi Gang Sha reveals secret Soul Power techniques to develop the four major spiritual communication channels: Soul Language, Direct Soul Communication, Third Eye, and Direct Knowing. While the soul wisdom is profound, Dr. Sha also gives you remarkably simple and practical tools for applying it. This book empowers you to transform every aspect of your life, from health to relationships and finances. Receive guidance from the Divine, your spiritual guides, and your own soul. Empower yourself to fulfill your physical life and your spiritual life.



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