a man after my own heart

OneWalk: Under the Sun, with the Son
Today’s Bible Verse, Reading, Devotion, Worship Song and Prayer

Today’s verse

But God removed Saul and replaced him with David, a man about whom God said, ‘I have found David son of Jesse, a man after my own heart. He will do everything I want him to do.’
Acts 13:22 NLT

Today’s reading
Isaiah 50

I offered my back to those who beat me and my cheeks to those who pulled out my beard. I did not hide my face from mockery and spitting. Isaiah 50:6 – (This prophetic description foretells the exact circumstances that lead to Jesus’ beating and crucifixion( Luke 23 ).)

Today’s devotion
My Utmost for His Highest
Have You Felt the Pain Inflicted by the Lord?


He said to him the third time “…do you love me?”

Today’s worship song
Jesus, Friend of Sinners
Casting Crowns

Today’s prayer
Dear Lord God, Abba Father, You know everything, I love You more each day. I fight to stay connected to You for I need to feel Your presence. I need to know I seek Your will. I want others to be able to see You in me. Dying to myself, I want to give You all the glory. I want to be a man after Your own heart. I hope and pray that is what You see and know. I ask as always that You would continue to bless me and mine, that Your would be with us, that You would expend our territory for Your will, that You would keep us from evil, and from causing pain. Amen

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