C.S. Lewis Speaks LIVE During WWII

This has been a great series, so much so that I wanted to share…

Hear C.S. Lewis speak in one of the last-surviving WWII BBC radio messages that would go on to become the classic bestseller Mere Christianity.

Imagine with me what it would be like to live in London during World War II. Think of the neighboring countries you once thought were formidable as they quickly fall to Germany’s rapidly advancing forces. It’s only a matter of time until the war reaches your front door. Before you know it, the air raids begin.

This is what it was like early on in World War II. As Nazi bombs rained down onto London rooftops, the British people were beginning to despair. Victory seemed nearly impossible against such a powerful foe.

So where do you turn when it seems like death is closing in on you and all hope is lost? Surprisingly, the religious radio department of the BBC asked an unknown scholar for help. He was not yet famous and had not yet written The Chronicles of Narnia, but C.S Lewis knew how to speak about faith in Jesus on a level everyone could understand.

Undaunted by those who deemed him "unqualified," Lewis rose to the task by speaking plainly and persuasively to his beleaguered nation, encouraging millions to turn to Jesus in the hour of their greatest need. He explained what it really meant to be a Christian and walk with Jesus.

Hear C.S. Lewis speak in one of the last-surviving recordings of these historic radio messages that went on to become the classic bestseller Mere Christianity.
d309fdd5-fdb4-469e-bbac-5da59500f402.png The impact of his explosive ideas surpassed everyone’s expectations, and became the basis of Lewis’ famous book Mere Christianity. This dramatic story is captured so well in Focus on the Family Radio Theatre’s C.S. Lewis at War, an audio drama depicting how Lewis found himself behind the microphone during some of the darkest days the world has ever known. It’s incredibly well-done, entertaining, and spiritually encouraging.

As we approach the 75th Anniversary of D-Day on June 6, I want to send you this 2-disc set as my “thank you” for your gift to Haven Ministries.

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Charles Morris
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