Stop the LGBTQ bullying & persecution of Non-LGBTQ’s – Mario Lopez Reportedly on Verge of Being Fired After Comments About Transgender Children

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Mario Lopez Reportedly on Verge of Being Fired After Comments About Transgender Children

A popular entertainment host could be out of the job because he admitted he sees problems with allowing 3-year-old children to determine their sexual and gender identities. Mario Lopez’s future with NBC’s “Access Hollywood” is reportedly “in doubt” several weeks after the 45-year-old TV personality said it’s “dangerous” for parents to allow their very young kids to embrace transgenderism. He first made the comments during an interview with conservative firebrand Candace Owens, who referenced actor Charlize Theron’s decision to raise her now-7-year-old son Jackson as a female. Lopez, the incoming host of “Access Hollywood,” told Owens it’s “sort of alarming” to think some parents would let children as young as 3 years old dictate their sexuality. “I just think about the repercussions later on,” he said. Predictably, the former “Saved by the Bell” star faced an onslaught of criticism and issued a statement apologizing for his ‘ignorant and insensitive” comments.’ I have been and always will be an ardent supporter of the LGBTQ community, and I am going to use this opportunity to better educate myself,” Lopez said. “Moving forward, I will be more informed and thoughtful.” read more

It Takes A Village…to cause Lopez to retract his earlier statements. To a certain degree, Mario experienced what 50 percent of dads encounter: dad shaming. Sixty percent of moms say they’ve been criticized for their parenting skills. In his book When Harry Became Sally, Ryan Anderson outlines the four-step protocol transgender proponents utilize when a child identifies as the opposite sex. First, a social transition involving the changing of the name and wardrobe. Second, activists administer puberty blockers to prevent maturation and development. Third, around the age of 16, the teen is given cross-sex hormones, which mimics the process of puberty. Finally, transgender individuals at age 18 undergo sex-reassignment surgery. In scripture, we read how parents shoot their children like arrows toward the glory of God, the good of the world, and the joy of the child’s soul (Proverbs 22:6, Ephesians 6:4, Psalm 127:3). Research out of Johns Hopkins University indicates that living as a transgender person is extremely dangerous and difficult. Parents aim their children and their village supports the children. But when your village shames instead of supports a biblical worldview, parents may need to reconsider village input.

Pray for the children in our nation. Pray for God to protect their hearts and their minds from lies about gender and sex that are contrary to God’s Word and His perfect design. Pray specifically for the children in your church to embrace God’s truth and hide it in their hearts (Deuteronomy 6:6-7, Psalm 119:11).

How should we, as Christians, respond to the growing trend of supporting gender transitions at younger and younger ages? Take a few minutes to read the three truths The Denison Forum reminds Christians to remember as we respond to this cultural issue.


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