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Devoted to Walking or Discouraged by the Walk

August 17, 2018

Walking with Jesus

OneWalk: Under the Sun, with the Son

Today’s Thought, Bible Verse & Reading, Devotion, Worship Song and Prayer

A thought…
The Kingdom I speak of, that I live for, is like the water out in the sea. Man lives for that cup of water that slips through His fingers, but those that follow Jesus Christ live for that endless expanse of sea.
From Paul, Apostle of Christ

A verse…

…Jesus…said to him, "You still lack one thing. Sell all that you have…and come, follow Me." But when he heard this, he became very sorrowful, for he was very rich.
Luke 18:22-23

A reading…
Luke 18:18-29


The question the young man asks is not that unusual, but it is unusual for him to call Jesus “good.” Most Jews use that adjective only when they’re speaking about God (Psalm 25:7-8; 145:9). Does he recognize Jesus as the Son of God? Apparently not, so Jesus reminds him of a few commandments. Of course the rich ruler has kept the laws that Jesus mentions—what religious Jew doesn’t? Jesus isn’t suggesting that keeping these laws is the secret to eternal life; he’s giving the young man an opportunity to discover and reflect on his own flaws. That’s the purpose of the law—to help us recognize our own sinfulness (Romans 3:19-20).

Because the rich man is clearly blind to his love of worldly possessions, a violation of the 10th commandment (Exodus 20:17), Jesus asks him to do something that will reveal his personal sin. He asks him to trade his earthly possessions for treasure in heaven. And that, it turns out, is just too much to ask.

Wealth in itself is not a sin, nor is charity the key to salvation, but until we recognize and repent of our own sins, we can’t be saved. According to Jesus, materialism is a major stumbling block for many people.

A devotion…
Are You Discouraged or Devoted?
My Utmost for His Highest

Jesus says a tremendous amount to us that we listen to, but do not actually hear. And once we do hear Him, His words are harsh and unyielding.

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We are only what we are in the dark; all the rest is reputation. What God looks at is what we are in the dark—the imaginations of our minds; the thoughts of our heart; the habits of our bodies; these are the things that mark us in God’s sight.

Wisdom from Oswald Chambers
The Love of God—The Ministry of the Unnoticed, 669 L

A song…

All In
Matthew West

Mercy Is a Song
Matthew West

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A prayer…
Dear Lord God, Abba Father, Jesus my Savior. I only find rest in You. Rest and peace. The kind of peace this world under the sun doesn’t understand. Your truths are harsh and unyielding, and the more corrupt we are by the ways under the sun. The harsher, unyielding and harder they become. But we have hope in You. So I cling to this hope and to Your Words and promises. I love You, I’m sorry, forgive me, thank You. Amen

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