About me

I’m a follower of Jesus, brother, husband, father and grandfather starting each day with Jesus, in His Word and in prayer.

My journey to One Walk with Jesus began in August 2002. I was awakened to the differences between believing in Jesus and following Jesus when my son asked me a question… how do you know if you died right now, you would go to heaven. He went on to tell me about an interaction he had with his high school football coach in between two a day practices that day. At that moment it was as if God had reached down and slapped me across my face, I felt immediately convicted for all I had done wrong and failed to do right. We went to Church that following Sunday together as never before and since that day, the way I look at life under the sun, at being a father and husband as never been the same. My journey as a follower of Jesus began. And the desire to be a disciple was planted.

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