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Claim nothing for yourself, think of others kindly and with admiration…

March 13, 2019

For me One Walk with Jesus is about fighting to focus on Him. So I surround myself in all things about Him. Occasionally I’m moved to share what impacted me and made me think and pray for God’s wisdom, understanding and guidance. Here’s a more sermons that did just that…

Jesus Final Wishes
JD Greear – Summit Life

Workers Who Keep First Things First-Part 3
Mike Fabarez – Focal Point Ministries

A song…

I Refuse
Josh Wilson

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A prayer…

Dear Lord God, Abba Father, thank You for today and for all Your blessings. For once again blessing me with Your words of wisdom and encouragement. May my sharing of these sermons bless someone else in the same way. In Jesus name I pray. Amen

A thought…

Claim nothing for yourself, think of others kindly and with admiration; that is the height of wisdom, and its masterpiece. Never think yourself better than the next man, however glaring his faults, however grievous his offences; you are in good dispositions now, but how long will they last? Tell yourself, ‘We are frail, all of us, but none so frail as I.’
Thomas á Kempis
from The Imitation of Christ
Daily Catholic Wisdom


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