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. . . that they may be one just as We are one . . .

December 13, 2013

My Daily Prayers and Readings for 12/13/2013

. . . that they may be one just as We are one . . .

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Lord Jesus, oh that I could walk in oneness in with You, just as You and the Father are one. One walk, surrendering to You in the now of each moment and in the reflection back on each moment. Turning to You when things go well that-they-may-be-one w bannerand when things go wrong. In good times and bad times. When I do right and when I do wrong. Knowing that only through You can I create and maintain a pure heart, and keep a steadfast spirit within me for my one walk. So I pray without ceasing for me and mine in fulfillment of Your will, and for those You place in my path. Asking that whenever I speak, words may be given to me, so that I will fearlessly make known the truth in the mystery of the gospel – one walk. And if not in the moment, after it, You will guide me back to oneness, whenever I let my actions or circumstances separate me from you. In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, Amen.

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