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And through your faith, God is protecting you…

April 19, 2018

OneWalk: Under the Sun, with the Son

Today’s Bible Verse, Reading, Devotion, Worship Song and Prayer

Today’s verse

And through your faith, God is protecting you by his power until you receive this salvation, which is ready to be revealed on the last day for all to see. 1 Peter 1:5 NLT

Today’s reading
Hebrews 11

It is by faith that…


It’s hard to step into the unknown and trust that your provision will come. We live like children at a playground who’ve climbed so high that we’re unable to climb down, but we’re not quite confident that our parent’s arms will catch us if we jump. The writer of Hebrews offers reassurance from our spiritual ancestors, who also struggled to trust God’s provision. Noah built a boat amid the ridicule of his neighbors, uncertain if the rains would come. Abraham was called to move, before a GPS could assure him of his destination. In example after example, our ancestors stepped out in faith and into hard callings—in every circumstance, God’s provision was there to “catch” them. The passage is also a promise for each of us—we can rest in confidence that a God who has been faithful in the past, and who has given us love and blessing beyond measure in the person of Jesus, will catch every child who’s willing to make the jump.

Today’s devotion
Beware of the Least Likely Temptation

My Utmost for His Highest

“…kept by the power of God…”— that is the only safety. (1 Peter 1:5)

Today’s worship song
We Are Messengers

Today’s prayer
Dear God, Abba Father, Jesus my Lord and Savior, catch me! Help me jump into each day full of faith. Reminded and aware of all Your blessings and presence. O that You would continue to bless me and mine, that You would enlarge our territory for Your will, that Your hand would be upon us, that You would keep us from evil, and from causing any pain. I love You, I’m sorry, forgive me, thank You. Amen

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